EZS Summit

The Summit is the ultimate family-sidecar.

The Summit sidecar is developed in 1998 and is still very popular with a large part of the sidecar drivers.

It has a clever design with many integrated options. The Summit sidecar is very attractive from all angles.

We can connect the construction of the Summit onto various motorcycles. Please note that the Summit is the largest sidecar of Europe and therefore it is not built for each motorcycle. In the pictures you will find examples of some of the possible options.

The Summit offers a seat width of 900 mm which is described as very well within the sidecar world. With the large seating the Summit can accommodate two adults or one adult with one child or two children. Not only the seat width is large, but also the legroom is spacious. With an area of 110 cm almost any adult can take his entrance into the sidecar. The two-person seat is luxurious and can be set in 2 positions.

The Summit is very easy to open thanks to an internally mounted gas spring. This gas spring not only helps with opening, but also will hold the door open while you are getting in or out. The standard handle makes it tremendously easier to get in and out the sidecar. The sidecar comes standard with full lining of the seat of the sidecar.

Technical data:

  • Universal connectivity
  • PLS suspension
  • IKON Shock Absorber
  • Height: 2370 mm
  • Width: 1140 mm
  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Wiring is prepared for recessed lighting, radio, etc.
  • Roof-curtain


  • Interior lining in luggage
  • Interior lighting in cargo
  • Luggage rack on trunk
  • Reading lamp
  • Radio CD player
  • Flexible side windows
  • Footrest
  • Safety-belt (2 or 3 points)