About EZS Sidecar

About EZS Sidecar
We would like to inform you about a change within Engbers Sidecar Service [EZS] B.V. in Zutphen.
Due to disappointing results, EZS is no longer able to continue the business activities.
EZS was therefore declared bankrupt on 21-10-2020 at the request of the owner.
Fortunately, we at DCA Motorcycles in Helmond have decided to take over all sidecar and trailer activities related to sales, construction, maintenance and parts and to make a new start.
From 16-12-2020 all sidecar and trailer parts & molds as well as the website and domain name have been taken over by DCA Motorcycles in Helmond.
DCA Motorcycles is an experienced and professional company in the motorcycle industry which has been active for 15 years with sidecar & custom construction, and also a trusted address for maintenance and repair of your motorcycle for years.
We have been equipped for years with all the tools and technical knowledge for the mounting of sidecars and build sidecar combinations for every budget, regardless of the make and model of the motorcycle.
In addition to our own development & manufacturing of sidecar parts and modifications, we now also have our own sidecar models with the acquisition of EZS. We will therefore produce these in-house and add them to any desired motorcycle. The location of EZS in Zutphen will be canceled and we will continue the work from our workshop with showroom in Helmond at Binnendijk 6.
The following models are now added to our current program of Dedôme, Duna and LAK sidecars.
EZS Summit High-end 2 Person sidecar
EZS Munro High-end 2 Person sidecar
EZS RX5 Middle class 1.5 person sidecar
EZS Rally Middle class 1 Person sidecar
EZS Kompakt Low-end 1 person sidecar
EZS Clique Budget 1 Person sidecar
EZS DP-2 Trailer
EZS Packer HA-1 Trailer
In addition to the trusted products and excellent service from DCA Motorcycles, from 16-12-2020 you have also come to the right place for EZS Sidecars and Trailers & luggage wagons and all loose sidecar attachment parts!
Hope to see you soon
DCA Motorcycles & Sidecars
Binnendijk 6
5705CH Helmond

We will update our website as soon as possible with a detailed description of all models and options!
If you have any questions, you can always send an email or call +31 (0)492-475500.