About EZS Sidecar

Welcome to the new website of EZS Engbers Sidecar Service B.V.

EZS builds sidecars already for over 30 years, but also we offer conversion kits, special parts and trailers that are especially suitable for motorcycles. Our entire existence is totally focused on all applications for motorcycles.

Beside the above mentioned applications, we can also provide a wide range of motorcycle customization, due to disabilities, physical “condition” or for a different kind of need. With a RDW inspection if desired.


EZS is founded in 1981 by director A.J. (Tonnie) Engbers. The company was managed and lead by his brother A. (Albert) Engbers.

An important argument to sell sidecars was because they had rediscovered them as an (alternative) hobby for the whole family. Before that it was often more a need, for example with the absence of a driving license or the expensive car. The first sidecars were sold in the 70’s.

Albert managed the company for many years alone, but after the introduction of the “Souvereign” (TPSL) at the IFMA in Cologne. EZS stepped in a turnaround because of the explosively increased desire on the market for sidecars. Several people had to be quickly employed in order to answer to the demands of this market. Around that same time EZS also developed the EZS Rally and offered him on the market. A light and manageable sidecar, especially when combined with light and sporty motorcycles. This sidecar was also successful. The high desire for sidecars continued the following years continuous and steadily.

Because of the high desire on the market for a cheap sidecar EZS developed the Rally Kompakt. A basic sidecar for a basic price but with plenty of comfort and a sense of security.

In the end of the 90’s EZS introduced the “Summit” (RG-S). The sidecar become the ultimate sidecar for the “Kings of the Road” due to comfort, design and technical design concerns. The Summit was a step too far for many people due to his size and his price, a huge desire called for a true successor for the Souvereign. That desire we found in the RX4 and later also in the RX5, a sidecar in the UK, made by a joint venture, developed with the basics of our Rally sidecar. This sidecar still have many admirers.

The high desire and need for a broader middle class continued to arise and in 2004 we introduced the EZS Munro, which is the latest development of new EZS sidecars.

The EZS Munro is designed and developed to build on both the left- or rightside of a motorcycle with the use of all their own parts, also the chassis.

In 2008, Albert say farewell to EZS and goes to enjoy a well-deserved early retirement. That same year, his son Dave, takes over the lead of EZS from the (former) director Renzo Engbers (MotoPort Zelhem) with this a nearly 30 years combined business comes to an end and a new era starts for EZS full with new possibilities and new opportunities. Many developments got carried out in the next two years and got presented to the market: The Off-Road Rally XC, the hub controller, the reverse trike and the new large trailer HA-1 Packer.

EZS certainly is not standing still, in fact we continue building to proceed on our road to innovation. If you still have questions after visiting our website, because maybe some data was not available, hopefully you could be so kindly and helpful to inform us about it. A short email would be enough. With the feedback of our customers we can improve our service and information to help and inform our customers and interested parties with the required information.

We thank you for your visit and we hope to welcome you as our customer in our showroom..

Best sidecar greetings,
Dave Engbers