EZS Tranquille

EZS Tranquille "The Original"

In 2011 we managed to be the first in the Netherlands to put a moving and approved reverse trike on the market.

The success received an additional follow-through conversion from a Honda GL1800 reverse trike, the EZS Tranquille.

There are those who claim to have designed “reverse trike” and have put on the market, but the only original comes from EZS. Meanwhile, the trike rides around worldwide and we get more and more into “the picture” with our reverse trike. The stunning design, aerodynamic lines, perfectly clean finish all fit nice together with the “limousine” under the engines, the Honda GL1800 make this reverse trike to the pinnacle of the trike ride.

Stability, balance and exceptional handling makes this reverse trike gives an instantly relaxed feeling and how you spend hours could be abide.

EZS Reversed Trikes