EZS develops, builds, maintains and repairs your beloved motorcycle and sidecar!

EZS also innovates for our future, the latest development is the reverse trike.

EZS is one of the market leaders in motorcycle trailers and towbars worldwide.

Here you’ll find our conversion kits for each motorcycle there are numerous possibilities.

Here you’ll find an overview of used sidecar combinations, sidecars, trailers and miscellaneous.

Here you’ll find an overview of our available spareparts and components as a result of conversion, damages, repairs or demolition.

EZS also provides modifications. Due to your health, disability or otherwise.

EZS is one of the world leader manufacturers of sidecars, trailers, subframe’s and complete conversion kits.

EZS Engbers Sidecar Service B.V. is the sidecar and motor specialist!

We are Importer and Distributor of ao: