EZS Packer (HA-1)

The EZS Packer is designed to offer the ultimate holiday for the real camper.

The EZS Packer trailer was designed in 2010 and is available since 2011.

The EZS Packer does not open from the side like its predecessor, the DP, but from the rear. We choose for this deliberately because when the opening was made from the side there where some problems in some environments. These problems belong to the past by our new solution, now it will open and close from the back.

The Packer opens spacious, making it easy for loading many goods. The EZS Packer sparkle out for its high level of design. Already by many customers it has been defined as a worthy successor to the DP trailer. The beautiful, integrated rear lights give the trailer a quiet but unique image. The fine lock and and clean lines provide a clear new line within EZS.

Another strong point of the EZS Packer is the loading capacity of the trailer. Thus, the DP had a capacity of 325 liters, the EZS Packer content has become two times so big without compromising in our design.

Where the most major trailers have just 500mm spacing in the wheel arches, the EZS Packer has a spacing of 600mm. No problems anymore with packing your stuff. The double gas-spring ensures that the lid remains open stable during the loading and unloading process of the trailer.

EZS Trailers